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How was your Sunday, Ronni?

Oh, not too bad, not too bad, I just GOT ENGAGED!

 photo Photo-Ring_zpsswlvxz6y.jpg

I swore I wasn't going to do clichéd 'hands with ring' photos, but it was such a saga to get this ring (find the perfect ring online! wait until we got back from Wales to order it! discover that it wasn't available in my size in the UK! frantically call every store on Maundy Thursday! find that one store in Essex has it! arrange for a transfer! wait anxiously to be called about the transfer! get the call just when neither of us was available to go into town and collect it! finally get it the next day!) that I had to celebrate simply having the damn thing in (on?) my hands. It's supposed to look like the Earth as viewed from space, and I love it a lot, although (as someone who's never worn jewellery other than earrings) I'm still adjusting to the feeling of it on my finger.

Matthias and I have been together for many years now, and getting married was always something we intended to do. It was just a matter of finding the right time(frame) to do it. We decided, while on holiday in Australia in December, that the time had come. After that, it was just a matter of determining exactly when to announce our decision. But although this clearly wasn't something that happened spontaneously, I think we'll consider today the official start of our engagement, for anniversary purposes.

I am, as you might imagine, very happy and floaty. Everything feels hopeful and wonderful, and I am very much looking forward to many more years with my fiancé (which still feels weird to say), Matthias, my favourite favourite.
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