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I first joined Livejournal back in 2003, at the urging of high school friends such as [ profile] anya_1984, [ profile] catpuccino and [ profile] miss_foxy. We'd all finished secondary school, and were scattering to various places for university -- the idea was to use LJ as a way to stay in touch. I barely used it at all during those early years, and didn't really get a feel for blogging as a medium (or LJ as a platform) until 2007, when I got heavily involved in online fandom. My fannish activity at this point was mostly confined to the two book fansites where I hung out, but most of the people on those forums also had LJ accounts, so I ended up adding them there, where we had more personal and less fannish subject-specific conversations than those taking place on the forums. However, while I was active on LJ during its heyday, I never really felt a part of things there: most of the people I talked to on LJ were people I knew first elsewhere, and apart from the odd person I met through the two of us being the only people to list very obscure interests, LJ-based fandom seemed to pass me by. To the extent that I was aware of it, it always seemed to be a conversation that was happening elsewhere, with rules and conventions that were opaque to me. By the time I was interested in becoming more involved in this fannish community, the majority of it decamped to Tumblr. What I'm trying to say is that LJ never felt like an online home to me. Home for me was the two forums and their associated chatrooms, and, later, Dreamwidth and Twitter. Those spaces were where I met the most people, where I thought and conversed and wrote and dreamed. For years I'd been mentally thinking of LJ as a backup (as well as a place I entered occasionally to talk to a few stubborn holdouts).

What I'm trying to say is that I don't feel the same sense of anguished loss and ending that so many of my friends are talking about. I understand their grief -- I would feel it, were any of the online 'homes' I mentioned above cease to exist, particularly Dreamwidth and the forums -- and I am furious on their behalf that they have been put in the position of choosing between erasing years of thinking and writing and creating and history and memory, or consenting to terms of service utterly at odds with their personal integrity. But written records are really important to me -- so important that I've never deleted a single online account, nor deleted a single post or comment anywhere online, save for correcting typos. I feel really strongly about the endurance of online content, of links continuing to work, of matters of historical record remaining.

The solution I've come up with is to keep my LJ, but, after this post has been mirrored, to disable cross-posting from Dreamwidth. I'm in the process of importing a couple of tiny LJ comms I used to run over to Dreamwidth, and once that's done, I'm unlikely to log back in to LJ again, apart from doing so periodically in order to retain my username. I know a lot of friends on LJ have Dreamwidth accounts, and if you'd like to stay in touch, I'd appreciate if you could add and follow me on Dreamwidth -- I'm [personal profile] dolorosa_12, the same as on LJ. Those of you who do not yet have Dreamwidth accounts, I'm sorry. I will enable commenting from non-Dreamwidth accounts, so if you want to subscribe and interact without joining, that may be a way to stay in touch. As I said, I'm not going to import any more posts into LJ after this one.

I'm sorry it has come to this.
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If I hosted it, how many people would be interested in participating in a Dreamwidth-based friending meme?

I'm going to have a bit more time on my hands than usual this weekend, and have been thinking it's been a while since I last saw a friending meme on Dreamwidth.

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This is just a quick post to say that I've found Livejournal to be very uncooperative recently. The way this is manifesting for me is deeply irritating: comments aren't displaying on my own blog, or on anyone else's when I view them with my style template. I can see that the comments are there, and I can see comments on other people's blogs when I'm logged out (and thus viewing the blogs in their own style), but not on my own blog under any circumstances.

This is, as you can imagine, extremely frustrating. I've noticed a few other pieces of weirdness with LJ recently: clicking on 'expand' doesn't actually expand comments, but rather takes you to the thread from the start, meaning you have to click back and forth between the post and any individual comment thread, and when you try to expand a cut in a post on your flist, it takes you to the post as a whole, again necessitating the same stupid clicking back and forth.

As a result, I can neither reply to comments on my own LJ nor post comments on other people's. I'm hoping LJ will eventually sort things out, but I'm not holding my breath. I wrote this post just to let people know what was going on. I'm not ignoring you, I swear!

But if you want to comment, Dreamwidth is probably your best bet. Or, you know, you could join Dreamwidth yourselves...
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Unfortunately, due to a large influx of spam comments, I've had to upgrade the security with regards to commenting. I've continued to enable anonymous commenting, as some of my best commenters (hello Jordan! hello Catie!) don't have LJ accounts. Unfortunately, however, anonymous commenters will now have more security hoops through which to jump: you'll have to use CAPTCHA and your comments will be screened.

I'm sorry about that, but it's quite annoying to have to go through my blog and delete spam comments all the time, so this is what I've had to do. I hope it fixes the problem, but if not I may have to ban anonymous commenting altogether.


Oct. 10th, 2010 06:30 pm
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So, I took a two-weekish-long break from the internet (aside from email) in order to sort out my mind about various things, and I'm now back, better and ready to leap back into blogging. However, I just thought I'd post this as a kind of heads up: I'm not going to read my friends' page back any further than today, so if you've got anything you'd particularly like to tell me, you can link me to specific posts in comments here or in a PM.

It's good to be back!
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...I will not be cross-posting my LJ or comments to Facebook or Twitter, and I will never cross-post anyone else's comments on Facebook or Twitter.

I have quite a large online footprint: I have two Wordpress blogs, I blog under my own name for the ABC Book Show and for my university department, I am an active member of two forums, I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a Tumblr, a Goodreads account, a account and a series of non-LJ blogs which I follow and comment upon. I also have this LJ, which is mostly public.

While the readership of all these things overlaps in various ways (a lot of my forum friends are on LJ and Twitter, and are my friends on Facebook), I view them as distinct yet related parts of my online identity. I don't assume that because someone reads this blog, they want to follow my Tumblr; I don't expect that my Facebook friends want to participate in my books forums. I give them the opportunity to do so if they wish: there are links to my Wordpress blog on LJ, Facebook, Tumblr, the forums and Twitter, I have a Twitter feed on Wordpress and a feed on LJ. I post links to my other blogs on LJ. If people want to click, they can do so.

I use the internet in a way that works for me and my circumstances. Everyone has different circumstances, and people should be free to use the internet in a way that suits them. Most importantly, they should be free to choose and maintain a level of privacy and security that suits them. LJ's latest move in enabling cross-posting to Twitter and Facebook is a threat to that freedom.

I will never cross-post other people's comments to Twitter or Facebook, in case any of you were worried I might do that.


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