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This has been a lovely, relaxing weekend. I spent Saturday morning Skyping with my mum, and finishing off an exchange fic assignment that had been hanging over my head and worrying me. In the afternoon, I met up with a friend for coffee. We'd originally planned to hang out in one of the parks by the river, but I'd looked at the weather on Friday and feared it might rain. In any event, the promised rain never came, so we followed the coffee with a walk along the river, talking books, life, and libraries (she is also a librarian, although she works in public libraries rather than academic libraries like me). She had generously lent me her copy of The Raven King, and it was nice to be able to discuss that book - and the whole Raven Cycle series - with someone else, as I'd read it so much later than everyone that I'd missed most of the conversation on Tumblr and elsewhere online. (If anyone else wants to discuss it in the comments, that would be most welcome!)

I got home in time to potter around the garden for an hour or so, repotting things and digging up the inevitable weeds. Since finishing my PhD, I've had more energy to pay attention to stuff like the garden, the furnishings and decorations in the house and so on, and it's really nice to see all my plants grow, and the garden start to take shape. I'm at the point of being able to eat herbs from my own garden, and that is wonderful.

Today has been even more relaxing - I've spent most of my time reading, either curled up on the couch, or out in the garden. I'm reading my way through the Chrestomanci books, as Diana Wynne Jones was an author who completely passed me by during my childhood, and I've always felt the lack. I've read three of the Chrestomanci books, and have enjoyed them so far, although I think I prefer the Howl trilogy slightly.

Now I'm just pottering around on the internet, and starting to think about dinner. Two days are never quite enough, but at least I've made good use of them.

On another note, the fundraiser for Mia and Cy is still going. We're very close to making the target, and it would be wonderful for them to wake up on Monday and find that the target had been reached. If you want to donate, you can do so here. Please do also keep sharing it widely. If you have any questions, get in touch with me.
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Today is a public holiday in my part of the world, and I'm absolutely astonished at how productive I've been able to be when I have three days off work instead of two. So far this weekend I have:

  • Cleaned the bathroom

  • Planted lavender, thyme, mint, and rosemary in our garden

  • Gone through all my clothes and thrown out anything that's worn out, filled with holes or otherwise unwearable (I wear my clothes to death - there were some items that were fifteen years old in the latest clear-out, so nothing is ever in a state to donate to charity)

  • Gone through the massive stack of paperwork on my desk in our study, and sorted it all into folders, tidied it away, and thus cleared a working space in an area that has been covered with piles of paper for months on end

  • Cooked an extremely elaborate roast chicken dinner, and made a soup using the chicken bones and leftovers

  • Cleaned the kitchen, including wiping out the inside of drawers and the fridge

  • Done two loads of laundry

  • Written and queued up a book review for a new project one of my friends has started (the review isn't scheduled to post for a few weeks, but I'll link it when it's live)

  • Made plum-infused vodka

  • In other words, why can't all weekends be three days long?

    Last week, Matthias and I went to the Norfolk coast with four friends. The place we were staying was in between Cromer and Sheringham, and although we were expecting pretty miserable weather, it was super warm and we were even able to hang out on the beach for a morning.

    Photos behind the cut )

    All in all, the last week has been pretty great.


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