Apr. 9th, 2017

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Thank you for writing for me!

I'm pretty easygoing about what type of fic you want to write for me. I read fic of any rating, and would be equally happy with plotty genfic or something very shippy. I read gen, femslash, het and slash, although I have a slight preference towards femslash, het, and gen that focuses on female characters. I mainly read fic to find out what happens to characters after the final page has turned or the credits have rolled, so I would particularly love to have futurefic of some kind. Feel free to have a look around my Ao3 profile if you want a clearer idea of the sorts of things I like. Don't feel you have to limit yourself to the characters I specifically mention — I'm happy with others being included if they fit with the story you want to tell.

General likes include
  • feminism (and women's stories more broadly)

  • found families

  • people with very different perspectives and/or life experiences coming together (either romantically, as friends, or as reluctant allies)

  • human/non-human pairings, or relationships with power imbalances

  • dispossession and exile, and place and the way it shapes people

  • Major dislikes and squicks: AUs, fusions and crossovers, excessive descriptions of bodily fluids, Mpreg, incest. I am only interested in shipfic if it focuses on the pairings I specifically mention in my prompts.

    Fandom-specific prompts behind the cut )

    Don't feel you have to stick rigidly within the bounds of my prompts. As long as your fic is focused on the characters or relationships I requested, I will be thrilled to receive anything you write for me, as these really are some of my most beloved fandoms of the heart, and the existence of any fic for them will make me extremely happy.


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