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This week's post is a day early, as I'm going to be in London tomorrow and away from a computer. It's also going to be fairly Jessica Jones heavy, but I will separate those links off from everything else.

Building on the ongoing conversation about conventions' failure to provide a safe and accessible experience for disabled attendees, Mary Robinette Kowal has started a SFF convention accessibility pledge, which I encourage everyone who's likely to attend a convention to sign.

These two posts by Rose Lemberg on the experiences of disabled fans, and the dismissal of their concerns and requests for accommodations and accessibility, are really important, and I encourage you to read them.

Michelle Vider writes: Station Eleven is a love letter to technology, one I never could have written myself.

Isabel Yap put together a fantastic collection of recommendations of Filipina poets, many of whom were new to me. I highly recommend reading their work.

Here's Kate Elliott on '10 Fantasy Novels Whose Depiction of Women Did Not Make Me Want to Smash Things'.

Kate Elliott also dropped by the Fangirl Happy Hour podcast.

This recent Galactic Suburbia podcast was also great.

More Isobelle Carmody:

Of the many readers Carmody has met, some have made lasting impressions. The young woman who established the fan site has become a close friend. Another has proved a sharp-eyed editor for Carmody's unpublished books. Many have said they feel that the conclusion of The Obernewtyn Chronicles marks the end of their childhood.

Sophia McDougall's post on trigger/content warnings said a lot of things that I've been trying to say on the matter for a while. Needless to say, content warning for discussion of abuse.

I loved this article about the depiction of early motherhood on Jane the Virgin

Phoebe Robinson talks about 'How Daria Shaped A Generation of Women (Particularly This Black One)'.

I loved this photoshoot, in which five authors dressed up as their favourite fictional characters.

There are new reviews up on Those Who Run With Wolves. Aliette de Bodard reviewed Black Wolves by Kate Elliott. I reviewed Serpentine by Cindy Pon.

Jessica Jones links

I'm somewhat astonished by the intensity of my reaction to, and identification with, this show, but it's clear that I'm not alone in this.

'Marvel's Newest Show Makes Surviving Trauma A Superpower' goes a long way toward explaining the strength of my feelings about this show.

Jessica Jones is a primer on gaslighting, and how to protect yourself against it. Oh, my heart.

Renay of Ladybusiness and Ana of Booksmugglers discussed it on Twitter, and Charles Tan made a Storify of their conversation.

Date: 2015-11-27 11:23 am (UTC)
dhampyresa: (Default)
From: [personal profile] dhampyresa
How bad is the cliffhanger at the end of Serpentine?

Date: 2015-11-30 01:37 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dhampyresa
Boo :(

I was looking forward to it.

Date: 2015-11-26 05:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I can't speak for cons as I don't really go to them, but in general the fact that so many places still lack basic accessibility surprises me. I understand in some places - with certain historical sites (like old castles and towers), okay, it would cost a lot of money and could potentially cause damage, so I understand that. But for example, I've been to old theaters without railings, and while I understand that in 1856 they were less worried about accessibility, I don't think putting a railing in would be that hard. I guess those places are thinking they want to make it appear as authentic as possible, but sometimes you have to compromise. Plus, I very much doubt there was a front desk with a computer and telephone in 1856. ;) And if it's a very modern structure, it definitely should include some sort of accommodation.

Edited Date: 2015-11-26 05:26 pm (UTC)

Date: 2015-11-30 10:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, accessibility is a big problem, and not just at conventions - although it's weird that conventions should be so bad, since they're normally held in hotels and you'd expect hotels to have provision for disabled guests.

I didn't really notice the depths of the problem until I became good friends with someone who uses a wheelchair, and noticed how few places had step-free access, how few Tube stations in London were accessible, and how every journey this friend made required lots of coordinated and careful planning. It's shameful, and it sends the message that disabled people aren't welcome in certain spaces.

Date: 2015-11-27 08:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Man, Daria was SO GOOD. And that article was fantastic.

Date: 2015-11-30 10:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Daria was amazing. I'm so happy they finally managed to release DVDs of the series, although it's a shame that they had to sacrifice the show's wonderful '90s soundtrack to be able to do so.

Glad you liked the article!


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