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Thank you for writing for me!

I'm pretty easygoing about what type of fic you want to write for me. I read fic of any rating, and would be equally happy with plotty genfic or something very shippy. I read gen, femslash, het and slash, although I have a slight preference towards femslash, het, and gen that focuses on female characters. I mainly read fic to find out what happens to characters after the final page has turned or the credits have rolled, so I would particularly love to have futurefic of some kind. Feel free to have a look around my Ao3 profile if you want a clearer idea of the sorts of things I like. Don't feel you have to limit yourself to the characters I specifically mention — I'm happy with others being included if they fit with the story you want to tell.

General likes include
  • feminism (and women's stories more broadly)

  • found families

  • people with very different perspectives and/or life experiences coming together (either romantically, as friends, or as reluctant allies)

  • human/non-human pairings, or relationships with power imbalances

  • dispossession and exile, and place and the way it shapes people

  • Major dislikes and squicks: AUs, fusions and crossovers, excessive descriptions of bodily fluids, Mpreg, incest. I am only interested in shipfic if it focuses on the pairings I specifically mention in my prompts.

    The Bone Season series - Samantha Shannon

    Characters/relationships: any of Paige Mahoney, Arcturus Mesarthim | Warden, or Paige Mahoney/Arcturus Mesarthim | Warden

    My favourite things about this series is the intricate alternative world Samantha Shannon has created, the pervasive sense of menace and threat experienced by all the characters, and the resulting fear they all feel and the way that fear governs their actions. I love Warden and Paige's tentative steps towards a relationship, and the resulting problems that ensue from this. I really appreciate the series' emphasis on compromises and bargaining, the way Paige weighs up her limited options in any given situation and tries to find something that she can live with, rather than something that would be ideal to her. I really enjoy the tensions and contradictions in Paige's existence: she has to undertake a risky occupation (as Jaxon's mollisher) and become part of a criminal underworld in order to gain a measure of freedom and safety.

    I would be really interested in any fic that explores Paige and Warden's relationship, particularly the power imbalances, cultural differences, and the ways in which their relationship forces them to reflect on their respective identities as human and Rephaite. Missing moments from either their time together in Oxford or when Paige was in hiding in London would be fantastic. I also really enjoyed the characters' journeys to otherworldly regions, so it might be cool to see the two of them interacting somewhere like this - visiting each others' dreamscapes (or perhaps dealing with the weirdness of their two dreamscapes converging), making a dangerous foray into the realms of the Emim, or something along those lines. I really ship this pairing, so I'd love to read shipfic about them, but I'd also be keen to read gen that explored the complex world of the series, as long as it centred on these two characters.

    I'm happy with any of the other characters from the series (both those in the tagset or out of it) appearing in your fic, but I would prefer that it not focus on Jaxon Hall if you choose to include him.

    Deutschland 83

    Characters/relationships: any of Ingrid Rauch & Lenora Rauch, Lenora Rauch & Tobias Tischbier, Lenora Rauch & Walter Schweppenstette, Martin Rauch & Walter Schweppenstette, Yvonne Edel/Annett Schneider, Alexander Edel, Lenora Rauch, Martin Rauch (Moritz Stamm), or Yvonne Edel.

    My favourite things about this series are the way it juxtaposes the complicated, frightening politics of the time period with the smaller, more personal concerns of the characters, the pervading sense of anxiety and urgency, and the feeling of characters on both sides of the Iron Curtain that they are on the frontlines and constantly under siege. I also really appreciated the underlying humour of the series, the way that all the characters are operating in the dark, with incomplete knowledge of what is really going on, and are all slightly unprepared for the monumental problems with which they're faced. I also love the fact that while the audience is watching historical fiction - and thus has the benefit of hindsight and knows what will happen - the characters have no idea how things will end. I also really enjoyed the clash of cultures element - Martin's shock at arriving in the West, Yvonne's confusion when she makes the trip to East Berlin, and so on.

    I would really love to read genfic for this canon that saw any combination of the characters in the tagset dealing with the ongoing politics of the last years of the Cold War, particularly something that emphasised their unpreparedness or unfamiliarity with their opposite number (so West German characters misunderstanding the East or vice versa). I'd particularly enjoy futurefic that brought characters back into contact with one another - Martin with any of the Edels, for example - or threw them together in some combination we haven't previously seen (Lenora, Tischbier, or Schweppenstette having to work with people in the West, and so on). The showrunners mentioned they were interested in making two follow-up series called Deutschland 86 and Deutschland 89 which brought the characters forward in time to those two years. What about a fic that took some or all of the nominated characters into one (or both) of those years?

    I'm very happy for you to bring any characters or relationships from this series not in the tagset into your fic if it helps with the story you want to write.

    The Iliad - Homer

    Characters/relationships: any of Briseis, Chryseis, Briseis/Chryrseis, or Briseis & Chryseis.

    My favourite thing about the Iliad, as you can probably tell, are the characters of Briseis and Chryseis, who do not have much opportunity to speak in the text itself, but who seem to have a sort of life of their own at the margins of the narrative. I'm looking for any fic that gives them voice, and lets them speak of the things they've seen and endured, the lives they've lived out of the eyes of the Iliad's noisier, flashier characters.

    I'd be happy for you to take these two characters and their relationship in any direction that makes sense to you: whether that's gen or femslash is up to you. It would be interesting to read pre-canon fic about the two — what were their lives like before the Trojan War swept everything away? Did they know each other? What did they think of one another? Missing moments focusing on these characters during the long siege of Troy could also be interesting: to what extent does life go on as normal during the siege? I'd also be keen to read any fic set during the time the pair are captured and in the hands of the invading army, as long as the focus remains on Briseis and/or Chryseis. Post-canon fic could also be interesting: do the two remain in the ruins of Troy, or are, they, like so many other women in the Iliad, swept away by the violence that surrounded their lives and taken far from their homes? How would they cope with this? How do they carve out spaces of safety within a world that is almost defined by violence? Any fic that explores these ideas would be most welcome.

    The Wrath and the Dawn series — Renée Ahdieh

    Characters/relationships: any of Despina, Irsa, Khalid/Shahrzad, Khalid, or Shahrzad.

    My favourite elements of this series are the relationship between Khalid and Shahrzad, and the relationships between different female characters, all of whom have different kinds of strength, and who use it to work together to save their world. I would be thrilled with fic that explored either, or both, of these two elements. I love the tentative way that Khalid and Shahrzad feel their way towards a relationship, and the way that it starts as one of stark imbalances of power, but swiftly moves towards something more equal. I also love that for all the series backdrop of (male-led) war and revolution, problems are ultimately resolved by a group of girls sitting down together, pooling their resources, and coming up with a plan to solve things without violence.

    I'm really keen to read post-canon fic for this series. How do all the characters rebuild their shattered kingdoms? What does Khalid and Shahrzahd's relationship look like without the war and violence and supernatural threats that had come to define it? How does Despina fit in after her secret identity has been revealed? How does Irsa, growing in confidence, occupy herself after the revolution is over and she has her sister back?

    Stories and mythology also play a major role in this series, and a fic that uses the folklore, mythology, or supernatural beings of the series as a starting point would also be really welcome.

    Don't feel you have to stick rigidly within the bounds of my prompts. As long as your fic is focused on the characters or relationships I requested, I will be thrilled to receive anything you write for me, as these really are some of my most beloved fandoms of the heart, and the existence of any fic for them will make me extremely happy.


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